2012: The Start of a New History (Part 1 of a Five-Year Report)

Students from the National Service Training Program of the Far Eastern University assist in the Gota de Leche feeding program

Students from the National Service Training Program of the Far Eastern University assist in the Gota de Leche feeding program

Gota de Leche’s history of civic service spans over a century. This blog entry is the first in a series of a five-year report – years that have proven and are proving to be as crucial as the ones that witnessed wars, famine, disease, and hunger in the institution’s early stages. In the last half-decade alone, a new board of directors was formed, most of whom are descendants of the institution’s founders. This board, along with the rest of the staff and volunteers, forged strong partnerships with other civic-minded organizations, modernized its operations, and launched core programs that will help uphold Gota’s vision-mission (as well as define new ones).

In 2012, the new Gota board members conducted their first strategic planning meeting. This meeting resulted in several decisions that, decades from now, could prove to be historic for their significant milestones and programs. With the establishment of the new board, Gota de Leche was better prepared in 2012 to take its operations and programs into the 21st century.

For starters, a professional financial group, the RT Belarmino Accountancy Firm, was appointed to oversee Gota’s finances. As for the foundation’s legal matters, the board hired the PJS Law Firm. This was also the year that Gota de Leche’s beloved year-end celebration – the Christmas party for beneficiaries, was first organized and held in the Gota de Leche compound with the help and sponsorship of PAGCOR and the National College of Business and Arts.

Volunteerism was highly evident five years ago: the Far Eastern University’s NSTP program produced many young volunteers to help with the weekly Gota feeding and other activities requiring many helping hands. It was also in 2012 when noted archaeologist and language expert Veronica Walker-Vadillo helped shed light on the century-old record books of La Protección de la Infancia, and of the earlier activities of Gota de Leche. She helped translate the text from Spanish to English.

2012 was a ground-breaking year for bringing people together to continue a tradition that has never stopped doing its part to spread the milk of human kindness…come hell or high water.

(With reports from Inigo Alejandro de Paula)

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