Call For Seed Donations: Let’s Help the Cordillera Moms and Kids Sow Vegetables Once More

The recent onslaught of Typhoon Ompong devastated one of the biggest sources of living and survival of our Cordillera beneficiaries – unharvested vegetables. While our Program 3, Relief and Outreach, typically relies on  foreign supporters and organizations to raise funds and distribute relief goods to Filipino families affected by natural disasters, we now appeal to your kind and generous hearts for this small ongoing project we are conducting.

Ms Leonor Mae T de Leon, a volunteer and partner of Gota de Leche, has taken it upon herself to start a vegetable seed drive to benefit those whose livelihood was affected by the recent typhoon. Many plots dedicated to harvesting vegetables were wiped out by the floods and landslides during the typhoon, leaving the community dependent on its harvest starving and in despair.

With your generosity, we can help jump start their source of living once more. Kindly donate vegetable seeds, agricultural implements, plastic sheets for seed bed covering, and other useful gardening accessories to Gota de Leche (contact information indicated below). All donations in cash or kind will be accepted with open arms and overflowing gratitude.

Funds can be deposited directly to the following bank accounts:

Bank of the Philippine Islands (Morayta FEU branch) Peso checking account no. 1585-0011-19
Bank of the Philippine Islands (Morayta FEU branch) US Dollar account no. 1584 – 0022-19
Swift Code: BOPIPHMM (for international donors)

or visit us at La Protección De La Infancia, Inc.
Gota De Leche Bldg., 859 S.H. Loyola St.,
Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines 1008

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