Keep the spirit of giving alive this Christmas!

The novelist Paulo Coelho once famously wrote: ““Happiness is something that multiplies when it is divided.” The act of giving is usually observed through clear-cut lenses: on one side, there is the benefactor, on the other, the beneficiary. But when you consider Coleho’s quote, these lines begin to blur. Happiness sometimes multiplies back to the giver.

At Gota de Leche, we believe that the act of giving is a joyful one, and lifts the spirits of not just of the beneficiary, but also of the benefactor. Most of the people who come here to lend support – whether it’s to make a financial contribution, or to volunteer their time – usually leaves with more than they had coming in. The benefits aren’t material; a student volunteer could learn a new skill, while a financial contributor could widen his or her network.

Or, at its most basic – participating is a lot of fun! This is doubly so for contributions of time, effort, and talent. Hanging out with the families, playing with the kids, sharing jokes with the staff – these are all intensely rewarding activities!

The holidays are a special time at Gota de Leche. While we endeavor to feed both the stomach and the spirit all year round, Christmas gives us the opportunity to do something even more special.

With Christmas nearing, plans are underway to give our charges a truly special celebration. In line with that, we’re hoping that you could join us in our efforts. We are looking at volunteers who can help us make this holiday a memorable one – for both beneficiaries and you, their benefactor.

If you’d like to keep the spirit of giving flowing this holiday season, please contact our offices at:

(632) 516.0542, or email

Look for Grace or Karla.

We’re looking forward to celebrating with you!





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