Seeds, Beads, and Meals for Moms at the 2019 Sun Life Volunteers’ Fair

On June 17, 2019,  the Gota de Leche staff were in full attendance at the Volunteers’ Fair held at the Sun Life Foundation. Gota de Leche, along with other organizations, was invited to take part in the Foundation’s various activities to showcase a variety of projects on arts and culture, health, the environment, and education. The mission of the event was to highlight Sun Life Foundation and its members’ support for their chosen advocacies.

The 2019 Sun Life Foundation's Volunteers' Fair

The 2019 Sun Life Foundation’s Volunteers’ Fair

The Volunteers’ Fair kicked off with a thanksgiving luncheon held in honor of the previous year’s volunteers. Gota de Leche was encouraged to set up a booth that showcases the health, nutrition, and livelihood programs also advocated by Sun Life Foundation.

The Gota de Leche Booth at Sun Life Foundation's 2019 Volunteers' Fair

The Gota de Leche Booth at Sun Life Foundation’s 2019 Volunteers’ Fair


The Gota de Leche Booth at the 2019 Sun Life Foundtion's Volunteers' Fair

The Gota de Leche Booth at the 2019 Sun Life Foundation’s Volunteers’ Fair

The Gota de Leche booth shone a spotlight on their new project for Pregnant and Lactating Moms called “Seeds, Beads, and Meals for Moms”.  Adhering to Sun Life’s desire to make the booth “as informative and as engaging as possible,” the Gota de Leche staff displayed various materials on nutrition, malnutrition, growth stunting, and other pressing issues revolving around the foundation’s leading programs. The team was also ready to answer questions and engage visitors who wanted more information on the different projects.



Gota de Leche would like to thank the Sun Life Foundation for supporting “Seeds, Beads, and Meals for Moms” to address the welfare of pregnant and lactating mothers in the Cordillera Autonomous Region, and upgrading the skills of our project beneficiaries in bead jewelry-making and marketing of their products.  Your belief and support in our shared advocacies are much appreciated!


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