Why You Should Hold Your Special Event at a Cultural Heritage Site

A Christmas party in Gota de Leche, around 1983

A Christmas party in Gota de Leche, around 1983

Sure, anybody can choose a modern-day events venue that boasts touches of history, the vintage, and the antique, but why go for mere accents when there is an actual building that lives and breathes history even up to the present day?

Gota de Leche is the country’s oldest charitable institution with the added distinction of never pausing in its puericulture pursuits despite wars, political and economic upheavals, and natural disasters. It also has an Honorable Mention by the UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation, and deemed an Important Cultural Property by the National Museum.

The Philippines Yearbook's full page photograph of Gota de Leche's feeding

The Philippines Yearbook’s full page photograph of Gota de Leche’s feeding

The institution’s rich history weaves nutritional outreach, feminist pioneers, unwavering generosity from sponsors and volunteers, adaptive reuse, and the continuous respect for heritage and culture. Many visitors of Gota de Leche testify to an atmosphere redolent of a century’s worth of meeting the nutritional and health needs of women and children.

Black and white checkerboard floors, a gently curving staircase, carved cherubs atop columns and as bas-relief details, circular windows that allow the tropical breeze to do its work, and original trusses are just some of the gorgeous details to drink in. There is a historical ambiance no photo filters can achieve. Even amateur photographers will be hard-pressed to find a bad angle of Gota de Leche’s distinctive pink building. The fact that many of the building’s original details and amenities are kept intact and fortified for at least another century of service should prove attractive to those who want their personal events -be it a birthday, anniversary, fund-raising project, a photo or movie shoot, a concert, or an intimate gathering.

gotafacadeSo at your next gathering or special event, won’t you consider Gota de Leche as your venue? The best thing about it this is that all proceeds will help keep the institution’s programs running, and extending its reach well beyond Manila.

To book for an event, please look for Anna Leah Sarabia or Grace Gumata. The Gota de Leche building is also open for events or shoot booking. To reserve the building, click here to download a reservation form, fill it out and send it to info@gotadeleche.com.



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